Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brotherly Love

It is for reasons like this (picture above) that I love having children.
Ollie and Nic best pals.
They love each other and will forever.
They will always have each other.
They will share clothes, underwear and a high school car.
Growing up, neither will be cool without the other
I am the mother of two handsome and healthy boys who will take care of me.

Ollie loves to smooch me for minutes and hear me say
"you are such a good kisser"
then he says
"Better than dad"
and I tell him yes and not to tell him so
Nic makes me sing to him while he goes to the bathroom. (thanks Grandmary)
As awful as it sounds some mornings when I am lazy and tired, believe it or not, I know I will miss the days of singing to him while he poops.
Just like now I miss changing his diaper.

I need a baby.