Friday, March 19, 2010

Back with a monkey tail to prove it.

I am home and made it through my surgery free and clear.
I was wheeled into the OR greeted by Dr. L. and others.
Dr. L. asked me what I wanted to listen to while he worked on me.
For some reason all I could think of to say was Taylor Swift.
She sang while I was told to breathe in and out nice and slow.
Then came the huge gas mask and off to sleep I went.

When I got home Mr. Nielson and I slept for about 4 hours. Then we remembered that we were parents of 4 children who were being cared for at Aunt Alice's house. So we went and got them and Nicholas begged me to watch him shred it up outside on his jellyfish racer.
The sun was shining and I was pleased to do it.

Plans for Utah are looking closer and being in my own bed sounds better than ever.

Monkey tail is back, but plans are back on track. A few months of rest near the mountains and back to the desert for surgery.

Have a good weekend, and many hours of listening to Taylor Swift.