Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another beautiful day.

(Ollie on the foothills behind my house)

Today I woke up to Alicia Keys singing.
It was my alarm on my iphone.
Time to pick up Cindy (mom) for her 10 year colonoscopy. (or check this out)
She wanted me there to hold her hand and make up funny jokes so she would laugh instead of thinking about a long stick up her bum.
So I made a few flartie jokes, and seriously, who doesn't laugh at flartie jokes-even mission presidents do.

Then after when she woke up, and asked me if it was over and how long she had been asleep for. (for the 50th time) We went to get french toast at our local bakery, but the clock in my car was still AZ time, and they wouldn't make breakfast for us past 11:00. Rude.
So, we got cinnamon pull-a-parts from another delicious bakery.
I dropped her off to sleep-off the rest of the day.

(My mom Cindy in the hospital)

I went home, Mr. Nielson had a fire going and Wart was in his undies playing with brother Nic.
I was so happy being home. Home. Home. Even saying it sounds good.
Mr. Nielson and I went to Old Willow lane for a hand in hand walk.
Then we got crazy and went for a motorcycle ride around Provo.
It was cold, but we pretended like it was warm.
I feel no pain when I am happy.

And that's how it should be.

Tomorrow Wart is going to cousin Hugh's 5th birthday party.
Nic will cry then fall asleep for his 3 hour nap.
The girls will be home early from school-Parent teacher conferences.
I will hope for another beautiful day.
And, possibly go to Target with Lucy and Bets.
A perfect day is not complete without a Target trip in there somewhere...right?

This is a good video, and if you like Steve Young you will love it.
(it has sweet background music too)