Monday, February 08, 2010

Wart's questions.

Last Night, Mr. Nielson put all the kids to bed-except Ollie who was asking question after question about Jesus.
They were really quite beautiful questions that had me in tears.
Because I too, ponder those questions now and again.
And I love Ollie's simple faith to believe and trust us-
his parents to tell him correctly.

"Where is Jesus"
"Why did he die"
"Does he love everyone?"

Christian told the whole story to the wide-eyed child.
He explained His mission on earth and how He died.
Ollie was very involved in the story, asking every possible question right beside Nicholas,
who snored heavily, exhausted from the day.

Mr. Nielson told Ollie about how Christ died but arose three days after.

"Did he die like mommy did? And mommy came back too?"

It's true, I experienced something that words could never express.
And yes, I came back too-for Ollie, and Claire, Jane, Nic, and my Mr. Nielson. I came back to enjoy life, be with my family and learn lessons, one can only learn in a body.

"Is that big ball in space with the ring around it real"

That question sparked many others- most of the questions answered.
Mr. Nielson challenged Ollie to be the one to build a
rocket ship to fly to that "planet with the ring around it".

"Where is outer-space?"

And to that Mr. Nielson replied:

"Look straight up, its there."

Then he was quiet.
Mr. Nielson came over to my bed, we talked about fast forwarding this part of our life.
It is so hard, and somedays I don' think I can go on any further.
But we both agreed that we would end up rewinding it,
because we would have missed lesson's learned,
and missed our children growing up and asking funny questions at night.

Then ten minutes later we heard funny noises.
There was Ollie under the covers playing with Mr. Nielson's phone.
Mr. Nielson went over and uncovered the child we nicknamed "Wart".

"I like the light Dad"-

I thought about the light. Everyone loves light. A light in the darkness, a light to find the way-the true and real light is Christ.
And we all want that "light" in our lives.