Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stories from the hospital #3-mystery valentines.

(has nothing to do with this post)

I got home from the hospital and went through my goodies.
A lovely package from jamiee, family members and sweet strangers.
And at the bottom were two red envelopes,
"Are these from you?" I asked Christian.
I opened them up and my face turned red. I was embarrassed. The words were very suggestive. Where on earth did they come from? Who gave them to me? I am still baffled. But, when I am in a sad mood or in indescribable pain, I will think about the fancy valentines I got from a secret someone at the hospital.

Headed back to Dr L. today. This time Mr. Nielson will have a little work done. Hopefully my monkey tail will come out soon. It is driving me crazy and I always sit on it.
Claire told me she needed to "communicate" with Umi in Utah.
Nicholas says he hates everything- tonight it was his R2D2.
Oliver sprayed on my Ed Hardy perfume all over his body after his bath.
Jane told me a story about a little boy in her class raising his hand to announce he was tired.
And I went to Costco (senior Cit-ville) Trader Joe's and texted Lucy the whole time.
We text about her new amethyst ring her husband made for her 26 birthday, the crummy weather in Provo and she sent video's of Bets dancing in her crib.

(lucy and bets at LGO in Phoenix)

Day by day I get stronger, preparing for whatever comes my way.
Fully knowing that it could be anything.
As long as I have chocolate covered caramels, LOST, and Mr. Nielson, I will be just fine.