Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stories from the hospital #2-Seeing green.

In the hospital, I was in lucky room #9.
On walks with Mr. Nielson around the hospital floor I casually looked into other's rooms.
Flatscreen there, flatscreen in room 14, in room 3 in fact pretty much every other room than room number 9 had a flatscreen.
My tube was pink on the top and green below.
We screamed to the Olympics seeing green snow and pink skies.
When Page was here, we would try and guess the original colors of the ice skaters outfits, longingly to see them in real color.
Then one morning a tap at the door.
In came the new flatscreen.
It was beautiful, new and shiny.
I watched it the whole day admiring the colors and vibrancy.
Then a tap came to my door."Mrs. Nielson, we are moving you"
I was moved to not-so-lucky room #15.
It didn't have a flatscreen.
Luckily I only stayed another night.

Today was a good check-up with Dr. L.
I think he may have even given me a little hug after our visit. Whoa.
Monkey tail (my drain) is still in my back. It is gross and hurts. We head back in for round 2 visit this week on Thursday. This time Mr. Nielson will have a few treatments done topically on his lips. All the better to smooch him with!