Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stories from the hospital #1 and a birthday

When you are burned 80+ percent of your body veins are hard to find.
I was poked 10 times in one afternoon by valiant nurses who insisted they could find one.
I needed one to administer my antibiotics as well as the pain meds.
Then they called in Fred who poked the daylights out of my foot. Success.
But that only lasted a night before the vein blew up.
They called in Amy-Lou (but I was really drugged for it, so I don't know if that was her name) at home to do a picc line. She used ultra sound to detect a vein in my upper arm. Then she fished the needled to a big vein right near my heart.
And that was all fine until the day I went home and they took the pic line out.
That was very uncomfortable and annoying.
Now, to think that I have to go through that all over again when I am re-admitted.
Woe, woe is me.

Anyway, I went to Parent Teacher Conferences with Mr. Nielson today.
The girls are doing great.
Jane needs a little improvement in the spelling/handwriting area, while
Claire is stuck on learning her phonics.
Generally they are both dear girls in the classroom.
I just need help being a mother.
At least my stools are softer.

Going to my first post-hospital check-up today. I hope it's promising!

Dear Dr. L,
please don't hurt me.
Thank you-
-patient S.

Plus my baby sister is turning 26 today.
I hated being 26. It meant I wasn't 25 anymore.
Enjoy your day Luc!!!
Sorry about the shoes I wanted to get you not fitting.
Something is coming for you in the mail.
I walked it out to the mailbox myself.
In my p.j.'s.
I love you-

(she looks amazing here with her sweetie)