Friday, February 05, 2010

My sister Luc

Today was a good day.
I went out.
I was seen.
I would walk the earth over and over in this condition with Hunchie,
if I could go with my Mom and Lucy (and Betsy).
We went to Whole Foods and bought salmon for dinner.
Mr. Nielson grilled it up and everyone dined on fresh delicious fillets for dinner.

I had to change my outfit 4 times today because I leaked
bodily fluids from my back on my clothes.
I just wear Jammies everyday, so no need to fear.

Tonight I talked to my Dad in Utah, who told me to
carry on and that he loved me.
I lay in bed with Lucy as Mom rubbed my legs.
My legs are so tight and my skin grafts ache.

Mr. Nielson lay in bed with the children down the hall.
Lucy put Betsy down for the night and we talked about life last year and how totally different it is this year. Lucy read me a little bit from her journal. Last year my hair was buzzed, I was frightfully skinny and my baby was calling Lucy "Mom".

(lucy & stephanie 1987)

It was time for Lucy to take a turn at rubbing my legs
because Mom needed a break.
This time I meant business, so I took my bottoms off.
Only sisters can do things like that.
I have scratched my skin raw.
And I was so sore.
Lucy rubbed it so nice, and I felt better.

We laughed about when we were young and shared a bed
until I was a sophomore in high school.
And that I called her 'Luc' and still call her 'Luc'
And how we got in the tub together until
we were like 10 or something like that.
We can do that.
Because we are sisters.

I hope my daughters will lie in bed with each other and
laugh and cry together and rub each other's legs and bum
That's what sisters are for.

(lucy and cindy getting me some lunch and my lip-savers)

And... to run into Bath and Body Works for some lip stuff.
(She always knows what's good)

Tomorrow we are headed for more homemade oreo's at Sweet Cakes on Main street.
Court, you betcha I am sending some sugar cookies home with Lucy for you.

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