Friday, February 19, 2010

My kids are snowbirds

President's Day means two things when you live in AZ. 1) No School! 2) The desert blooms

In my opinion February is the most beautiful month of the year in AZ. While the rest of the northern hemisphere pouts over dark days of shoveling snow that isn't fun anymore after the holidays, Arizonans (and the 200,000 plus snowbirds) flock to the deserts beautiful spring time.

President's day weekend is the perfect occasion to hike Usery Pass Park and take in the powerful colors of deserts wild flowers.

Grandpa and Grandmary were kind enough to take our snowbird children for this beautiful annual hike. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Stephanie is back home now! Got to love those docs and nurses at the good old AZBC, but so glad to be out of there!

Love, Mr. Nielson