Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Laughing all the way to the Hospital.

Today is my treatment.
Week number two.
I will go in to have Dr. L and Dr. J inject saline into the balloons in my back.
They will expand bigger.

Humpy will get bigger...much bigger.

I showed Lucy my hump today as I painfully emerged from the shower.
First, Lucy laughed and mumbled something about how cool it looked, then I saw tears well up in her eyes and she began to cry.
And so did I, it is a sight.
It is magically scary and fantastic looking, and tomorrow it will be bigger.
I will be wearing xxx-large hoodies and near the end of the treatments, and then I will feel like a over-due pregnant woman who wears the same outfit over and over because she can't fit into anything!

I have so many questions to ask Dr. L. about the process, but since I take a special
"take-me-to- a-happy-place-right-now-pill"
I forget all the questions and instead say weird things to the Doctors.
I am scared of pain.
I am scared to hurt.

And this process is both.

So, tomorrow I will think about Ollie and Nic wearing Russ and Mary's
(Christian's parents) glasses around the house.
That makes me laugh.
How Lucy has bugged my Mom about snoring. She soars so loud it wakes up Betsy and makes Lucy furious. Mary is giving Mom extra blankets because Lucy kicked her out onto the couch in the living room.
How Russ turned up some cowboy music in his den really loud without knowing how loud it was and we laughed until we cried.
How Auntie Lucy challenged the children to find all of Jimmy's poop on the lawn so Mr. Nielson could pick it up. Whoever found the biggest poop, got a dollar. Jane won.

Hopefully, this procedure will be a snap, and I will be home from the hospital soon enough laughing and enjoying my children again.

Because as my Mother reminds me,
"laughter is the best medicine."