Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Surger-nie Update #2

This morning, Oliver woke me up and said he wanted to play catch, as he clapped a Nerf football between his anxious paws...a little unusual for my boy who is usually one half Indiana Jones and the other half Jim Craig.

Ollie's the type of child who when he tells you something, there is a slide-show going on in his mind of how he envisions it to be. The huge half-toothed grin under his even bigger eager eyes told me there were some good pictures going on inside there.

I think it played out just as he hoped. Gigs on the other hand was content to watch on the sidelines and stuff his cheeks with "dough-durt and dernola" (yogurt and granola).

Stephanie is doing better today; progress everyday is what we see. She handles things so gracefully even while she's a patient in the ICU. Grace is one of her middle names. Oh I love her so much.

She's having another surgery before the week is over, and I'm hoping the best for her, as I'm sure you are too. Thank you.

Love, Mr. Nielson