Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Day yesterday aka:boring post.

My Day:

6:00: in pain.-wake up Mr. Nielson to get me some pills.
6:15: Boys are awake. I am too, but I don't move because that hurts
7:00 : With his hair sticking up all over, Mr. Nielson pops the pills down my throat with warm cherry Gatorade. He hobbles back to his bed.
7:05: Mr. Nielson discovers that Nicholas wet the bed.
7:15: Boys up and I can hear Grandpa Russ making breakfast.-
"Oliver do you want milk or juice......Ollie, what do you-hey stop hurting your brother and come here and tell me what you want".
7:30: Girls go to school early so they can be tutored. They have really needed some help since switching schools.
8:00: Mr. Nielson brings me toast and eggs for breakfast. He begins preparing for my 2 hour dressing change. Pads, medicine's, wraps, bandages and ointment's are laid out nicely on my bed.
9:35 : Dressed, hair combed, teeth brushed, and now I am exhausted!
9:56: Back to bed.
12:45 Lunch at the kitchen table. Today is Mary's homemade vegetable soup and warm toast.
1:00: I received a huge basket full of goodies from Kristin...totally cheers me up.
1:05: Eat a homemade oreo's-yum
2:30: Christian puts me back to bed. Sleeping (on my side...ouch) Then he goes out to run some errands. He came home prepped with some serious exercise equipment...(yoga mat)
3:30: The cub scouts come over for their activity. Mary makes sweetrolls, I find myself in the kitchen for one (or two) when the boys go home.
4:00: Package arrives on doorstep-more goodies. I am instantly happy!!
4:30: Ms. Jones comes over. I cry. I love her so much, and her children are so darling. I feel jealous of her lovely life. She takes Jane and Claire to play.
5:00: Back to bed with pills.
6:30: Shop online for Betsy, found some darling things. Lucy, Andrew, Bets, and my Mom are coming to Mesa on Sunday. I couldn't be happier.
7:00 Christian reveals his present for Oliver (a late birthday gift)...a new bike. He is in LOVE.
8:00 Hobble around my room organizing and crying in pain.
9:00: Put kids to bed.
9:15: Sit in the kitchen eating with Mr. Nielson. We talk about what we are going to do tomorrow. He says he is going to take Jane on a date, go to the dry cleaners, bank and store.
I tell him I am going to my bed.
I feel sorry for myself.
10:00: Catch tid bits of the State of the Union.
11:30: Blogging and nodding my sleepy head.
Now: Bed.

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