Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mr. Nielson's top 10

2009 Top Moments with Mr. Nielson:

10. On cold mornings in Utah, Mr. Nielson would make a fire in our family room fireplace so the house would be warm when I woke up.

9. Mr. Nielson driving me up to Salt Lake City for doctor appointments.
He would play soft music in the car so I would be calm
and possibly catch a little nap in the car.
(I always did)

8. Singing me songs in bed when I was really sick.

7. Lots of Late night runs to Wallgreens for medical supplies.

6. Making waffles for me whenever I asked.
And, cutting up my food when my hands were sore (like his 5th child).

5. His gentle reminders that I would keep on getting better,
and life would again be filled with happiness.
(his was right)

4. One night, I read my two favorite children's books
-love stories- to him in bed before we went to sleep.
(here and here)

3. Mr. Nielson waking me up at 2:00 am to see the
dozens of deer in our front yard eating our apples.
It was a inspiring sight.

2. The beautiful poem he wrote me on Christmas morning.

1. Perfecting our kiss.
After the accident, it was odd, awkward and it hurt.
Now it is adorable.