Friday, January 29, 2010

Forgetting Friday

(me out and about-looking very tired)

I thought today was Tuesday.
All day.
Why would I think today was Tuesday?
Loss of oxygen during surgery?
Early on-set of Alzheimer's?
All of the above?
You know, my Nana had Alzheimer's and died from it.

Nevertheless, I am still alive and moving even if today in my heart it's Tuesday.
I was so happy when I was told that today is Friday, because Mom, Lucy, and Bets are coming on Sunday. So soon!!

Mr. Nielson said I needed to get out today.
So I did.
I hobbled to the car armed with pillows and nestled in.
I brought a magazine to read while he shopped at Trader Joes.
But I didn't end up reading it, I talked to Page on the phone instead.

I was nervous someone would crash into us and I couldn't protect myself since I am a weakling. I get really nervous these's the medication-so they say.
I asked Mr. Nielson if he thought it was weird that I thought today was Tuesday.
He said no.
He said no, because I "have been saying a lot worse."
Like one time, I thought he was the president of the United States,
which is so weird because Mr. Nielson is not a fan of Mr. President.

Excuse me, I need to write some questions to my Doc's:

To my Dr's. J and L,

My hump hurts my back. I know you know that. My legs and feet look like cabbage patch dolls. Is that normal?
Do you think I could be a good candidate for the circus? (You know with my hump and all.) Could I be the 8th wonder of the world?
I need to clip my fingernails because all I do is scratch myself all day. Is it normal to scratch myself silly? I need a pair of gloves. What do you suggest? Is it normal to forget things?
Is it normal to think that today was Tuesday?
Will I die?


And that's what I'd say. Happy Friday...Wow today is Friday.
Time sure flies when your having so much fun!!


Katja is still sick too. Yuck!
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