Wednesday, December 02, 2009

To whom it may Concern: Nat Geo

Dear National Geographic,

I watched your 'America's Wild Spaces' marathon over Thanksgiving break.

I was very moved at the beauty and the awe-inspiring marvels of our gorgeous earth. I also appreciated the amazing talent of the photographers, writers, and producers.

I was however very puzzled and a little bit (maybe a whole lot-just ask Mr. Nielson he heard me complain for hours) mad that you never mentioned GOD in anyway.

Remember, we didn’t just happenstance appear on this planet. We were put here with a plan and purpose. We were given the responsibility to govern the earth as humans.
I totally agree that we need to use caution and judgment and treat what we have been given with dignity and respect.

But this is God’s land. He created it. He understands it. He is in charge.
I am somewhat disgusted when we seem to take the glory for anything this earth has to offer. We are just lucky to be on it.

That’s all, over and out.

Love, Nie.