Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The snow circus

Today it snowed.
A lot actually. I love it so.
It means I can stay nice and cozy in my house and just relax.
Except I made Mr. Nielson drive me around town to return items and pick up a few things.

We picked up the children from school and drove to our driveway and then parked.
Then we sat. and sat.
and sat.
and sat.
No one wanted to get out of the warm car.
The cold hurts my burned skin and makes me feel achy.
The kids were all piled in the back seat snug as a bug in a rug. (did I just say that?)
Mr. Nielson and I looked at each other and smiled. Then I said to him
"I will get out as soon as you open your door"
Then we laugh because we both know that will never happen.
I look back and our children look at me.
Nicholas is out. Sleeping while hot air blows in his face.
"You guys ready" I threaten.
Deep breath.
I open the door and everyone follows me out.

The children want to play in the 6+ inches outside.
That means I have to help them put on their snow gear.
Claire was fairly easy. I readjust her boots. She runs outside.
Jane is next. With most of her snow gear on, I just need to zip. She is out the door.
Ollie is naked for some reason. I put on his clothes followed by his snow clothes. By this time Claire is back inside and has taken her snow clothes off. Jane is crying because Claire didn't stay outside long enough and one of her gloves has slipped off.
Ollie is done and I fix Jane's glove-they are outside.
Nicholas is next. He lays like a dead fish as I try and pull up his bibs. He has already started to cry when I attempt his boots. I can only manage one boot. I move to his gloves. After 10 minutes of trying to get his gloves on just right, I beg Claire to put her snow gear back on to take Nicholas outside.
Claire obeys and begins the process again.
I am laughing- this time in frustration and pull off Nicholas' gloves
and throw them across the room.
Claire asks me to zip up her coat (again) but I don't zip her scarf, she unzips her coat and takes her boots off because they hurt.
Ollie has come inside because he wants Claire to come out.
Claire agrees (again) and I zip up her coat just right this time.
Nicholas has one glove on and only his shirt. He is on the counter eating marshmallows.
Kids out the door. Playing in the snow. My fingers hurt. I start dinner.
Five minutes pass
Everyone is back.

I don't ever want to do that again.

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