Friday, December 18, 2009

Nine years.

I can't help but think about last year.
I was in a hospital bed watching Christmas movies with my husband of 8 years.
I was miserable-haunted by my life before our airplane crashed.
Each anniversary we would carry on the same tradition-
A overnighter, Anthropologie shopping for latte bowls and Victoria Secret.
Last year was far from that.
I was getting heparin shots 2 times a day.
I was throwing up because of all my medication.
I was cold because I had no skin.
I was bald.
I was sad.
And I was just learning to use a fork again.
Last year, the nurses put a 'do NOT disturb' note on my hospital door so
Mr. Nielson and I could have a few hours to talk and connect.

We just cried though.

Mr. Nielson was in a back brace because of his broken back and leaving to Arizona the next day to make final preparations to move our stuff to Utah.

This year, Mr. Nielson and I reflected on life last year,
and in gratitude celebrated another year on earth together.
Mr. Nielson took me to the temple where we were married.
We went inside and reminded each other of that special day.

Then he surprised me with a trip to a darling bed and breakfast at the quaint town of Park City.
We had the best time together.
Large flakes of snow fell outside our window, and we were together, happy and in each others arms...the way it should be.

We stayed in room 204 named "Miss Nielson" it was perfect!

We drove home- back to our chickens.

We had dinner then I got in the tub.
Tubs are hard for me, but I was extra cold so I got in.
As I lay in the tub I thought about my trip, my life and then about states with 5 syllables.
I came up with three, Louisiana, South and North Carolina.
Then I called Mr. Nielson in and he sat on the tub's edge
and I gave him 60 seconds to come up with the three.

It took him about 5 minutes.

Thanks to Lucky Blue for helping us out!