Friday, December 04, 2009

I needed a good laugh

(this is funny. Ollie sleeps just like his father)

I laughed so many times today, which was a good thing because my body really has been acting up lately. I have huge open wounds that sting and make me walk like C3P0 again. It has been so terrible. So, much needed laughter has been so wonderful. Its amazing what something funny can do-even in the midst of pain and trial.

Jane brought home some goop she bought at Santa's Secret Store (which the school hosts for the children so they can buy gifts for their families for Christmas). The goop is blue and lives in a little test tube looking jar. All day yesterday Ollie asked me where Susan was.
Who the heck is Susan?
Finally, today Ollie came running up to me because he had found Susan!

Ollie: Mom, I found Susan!
Me: Yeah Where is she?
Ollie: in my room, do you want to see?
Me: Ok, I guess

Then we walk in his room and he points to Susan. There on the ground in a little pooh-looking ball- it was Susan, Jane's goop


Jane announced at dinner she was going to have two children.
A girl named Corilla and a boy named Geico.

Nicholas makes me laugh all day long, but when I saw a perfect little bite mark on his fluffy cheek (from Ollie), I have to admit I laughed pretty hard.

And right now, I think its funny that Claire pushed all of her clean clothes under her bed like I would have no idea about it. (earlier today= not funny)

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