Friday, December 11, 2009

Home for Christmas

I sat in a lonely hospital bed a year ago.
I missed home.
It was Christmastime and I was still bandaged up and in pain.
I longed for my nice home with family around me.
I wished I was baking our family Christmas cookies
and making things with glitter.
But I was eating hospital food and dozing in and out with
medication pumping in my system.
Those were hard days.
Those days were long and dark.

This year is different.
Much different.
I am home.
It is Christmastime and I am not quite as bandaged up,
and my pain is minimal compared to last year.
I am making our special family cookies and have used up jars of glitter on
just about everything in site.
I am eating my own cooking and dozing in and out of sleep
because of the swirl and whirl of my family life.
These are good days.
These days are still long, but bright as can be
with everything to look forward to-nothing to hold back.

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