Monday, November 02, 2009

My favorite things

Here are a list of my new favorite things. Check them out.

1. the most unique wear for your head. And by far the cutest. I have this one. I love it. So big, so colorful and so me. And, it was featured in Marie Claire

2. Shade- A very lovely site for modest and chic clothes. My favorites here and here.

3-Shabby Apple Fitness- A new site for those of you looking for good quality, attractive yoga clothes. My personal favorite here. A nice pair of yoga pants that fit perfect (and make my shape look like it has shape)

4. Motionbox- A more efficient way of sharing video and only letting those you want to see it view it. Besides that, it's easy.

5. The Vintage Pearl- Perfect gifts and trinkets for birthday's, celebrations and the favorite is this ditty. So cute and clever in every way.

6. Dear Lizzie- We had Claire's birthday at their beautiful shop. I am in awe to this day thinking about the fantastic time we had there. Book your holiday tea party wont regret it.

7. Virtue lips- What is your virtue? Mine is Curiosity.

8.My Camera. Many of you ask what I use...well, here you go.

9. Ohanabylea-the coolest custom silhouette cutouts ever...ever.
Check out my family here. Order yours today...soooooo cool.

I hope this helps you-especially with Christmas approaching...

tomorrow is the big day for my Dad. please vote!!

i visited my PO box again. i love every single one of you- oh -so -much!

halloween was perfect...posts and pictures to come.