Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas lists and errands

My body was so sore this morning.
I couldn't get out of bed. I think my girls teachers hate us.
They probably are getting so sick of the girls wandering in class after day.
I went to parent teacher conferences last month.
They each have something like 23 tardies.
Today they racked it up to 24.
And tomorrow will be 25.

Christian and I went errand running.
The boys played with their 4-wheelers in the backseat.

We talked about Claire's recent Christmas list.
She wants; a toy lizard, army boots, glass doll dressed in pink, a fart machine, and a
"baby pony that is big and fery".

I went to Michaels and bought more glitter than Martha Stewart even owns.

Then Christian dropped me off at the mall so I could return stuff. I stopped and talked with and met some very nice people. When I returned back in the car, first thing Ollie said to me was:
"Mom, you have a booger in your nose...its crusty"


Then the pound called to let us know that Jimmy was in jail and is held for ransom for $110.

Double sweet.

We listened to Christmas music all day on Pandora. Christian asked me if there was a way we could block the drummer boy song.
He hates that song more than I hate boogers in my nose in public.

Jane tripped getting out of the shower and hit her head.
But successfully patronized Claire by tagging the house with chalk.

Lucy came over for dinner.
She and Betsy probably had a headache after she got home.
My house was a zoo.

My brother Matt came over to help us move some new furniture
that I just got at the antique boutique.
They don't fit where I want them.
I was disappointed.

We finally got to bed at included.

Good times.

For those of you who are ordering silhouettes, we are taking orders, however we wont be starting them until December 1st. Let me know if that is a problem.

Christian and I will be on the TODAY Show on Tuesday, November 24th...more to come on that