Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thanks guys.

Today I went to my P.O box.


I was so happy.
Packages and letters filled half the post office room.
Love letters.
Encouraging thoughts.

Heartfelt and genuine crafts were made...aprons, earrings, dresses, lip gloss, paintings, artwork, head bands, treats, gifts for my children, gifts for Mr. Nielson and gifts for me.
Thank you so much. Thank you ever so much.
It lifts my spirits in ways you can't imagine.
I wish I could thank each of you personally.
I wish I could hug each of you personally.
Thank you to the 'L' family in NV. Your letter was a very sweet surprise.
Thank you Farm Chick Serena!

Reminder to Provo citizens, November 3rd is vast approaching.
Please remember to vote...and preferably for my Father.
Tell your friends and family.

Go Dad....Go Steve Clark!!