Thursday, October 08, 2009

Post- Oprah top 10

(photo: harpo)
Post Oprah show discussion has now begun.
Here is what I think:

1. I look kind of like a lion with my ruffly J.Crew ensemble.

2. My lips are really quite big.

3. Oprah had a silver straw in her water...I had only plastic.

4. Oprah smelled really good.

5. Oprah had on some serious high heeled shoes...Jimmy Choos to be exact.
I asked her if I could have them. Maybe next time?

6. Oprah called me "Steph" and hugged me three times. She is, I might add, very genuine.

7. Courtney was really funny on the show.
8. I talked to Mike Tyson's mother-in-law in the elevator in Chicago

9. I had my hair round brushed and blow-dried in the greenroom.
I was scared, (i don't even own a blow-dryer)but it turned out nice.

10. I tried paying Mr. Nielson to jump on the couch expressing his love for me. But apparently, the family pool didn't come up with enough bones to pay him

Maybe next time.

Thanks Oprah for the experience!