Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Oh, what a year makes.

Tonight I am typing on the same bed I had my baby gigs on 3 years ago.
Nicholas Jones was born to us late afternoon on a Friday.
Biggest of my babies...a 9 pounder.
Born at home on grandma Mary's guest bed.

Now he and I share the bed- he is snoring I am typing.
It has been a unbelievable year for both of us.
I thank my Father in Heaven for restoring me on earth to see my baby boy grow.

Tonight Mr. Nielson and I did a little shopping.
As we wandered down the isle, I saw the sock monkey's and went nuts.
Too cute to pass up.
Mr. Nielson thought they were stupid.
Then I told Mr. Nielson everyone wants a monkey.
Then he looked at me weird and then I took it back.
Then Mr. N. said that I could buy the monkey for me
he is just sure Nicholas wont like it.
Oh yes he will.......but true, if he wont, I will.

I will keep you posted.

In other news.....


I am also going to follow up on the show after for a "post-Oprah special blog" You know, like discuss things like how off the camera she called me "Steph"...(aka, bff)
It airs tomorrow.