Monday, October 26, 2009

Football and parades.

The weekend was a success. And here is why:

The family gathers on 9th East for the annual BYU Homecoming parade
(along with Page's cute exchange student Kenta,
who was probably in awe from the festivities)
And right there in the pic is the cameraman from KSL-filming
ME for a story they are airing in November.
I am such a super star.

Court and I photograph eachother.

The kids watch the dancing. So BYU classic.
I love the guy smiling really big at Jane.
I am sure she felt silly.
Wouldn't you?

Jesse and Maria LOVE parades.

Mayor hopeful STEVE CLARK and Bets

Mr. Nielson pretends he is a cowboy.
and Gigs pretends he is Mr. Bones.

Andrew, Jesse, and Van play a little football in the court.

Two Blondie's in the Bucket Bike.
Gigs and cousin Maria

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