Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brigham said "Downtown Provo is the Place!"

Steve speaks: Letter number 1

Just today I asked my father, mayor hopeful Steve Clark what I could do for his campaign.
He told me he would get back to me.
Then it came to me, a letter, for me to offer those of you
living in our beautiful city of Provo from him.
You know, Voting day is in ONE WEEK!!!
I urge you to write on your calender, blackberry, iphone, Franklin planner, piece of paper....whatever it takes. Please write on November 3rd:
and then below "vote", write
"For Steve Clark"

Thank you.

Now here is the letter to you (addressed to me of course)

Stephanie and the city of Provo,

If I become mayor I am going to work with our City Council and good county commissioners to make Provo a "happening place." As you know, the county has committed to building a new convention center in downtown Provo. I hail this decision and want to commit my efforts to upgrading our "Historic Downtown" This concept is not new - it has been done all over the United States in cities like Provo that have lost their draw because of obsolescence and competition for the dollar elsewhere.

I want Provo to find a development partner that has a proven record in these kinds of projects and move quickly to provide services to visitors attending conferences and seminars at our convention center. We need additional first-class hotel rooms, more first-class restaurants and unique retail shopping. Downtown needs more entertainment to offer its visitors. We will have UTA's Bus Rapid Transit operating to get people all over the city from downtown.

We want open space, a walking plaza, fountains, beautiful and unique lighting scheme, fun shops and cozy restaurants. We want some night life at the Covey Center and in the new studios and theaters. We want concerts, musicians and artists displaying their talents. We want people to live downtown where they are in the middle of all the activity. We want things "happening" downtown so when our friends visit Provo the first thing out of their mouth is:
let's go to that "happening downtown" of yours!!!
Brigham said "Downtown Provo is the Place!"

Love Steve (or Dad)

That being said, who else do you know who uses the word "first-class"? STEVE CLARK DOES!
I want a mayor who says that.
Seriously though, I truly believe my Dad will do what he says. He is a good and honest man.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go write "Vote for STEVE CLARK" on your calenders (November 3rd)