Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And so it goes...

Yesterday we lost Gigs.
At Costco.
It was however, strangely amusing.
Imagining Nicholas walking around looking at everything he could without any "hurry up" or "come here" or "don't touch that"...nothing like that at all.
The world was his for 4 minutes.
And he wasn't scared a bit.
I found him in the book section with earphones on.
He was listing to the best of Nat King Cole.

I took Claire to the fabric store to get fabric for her Halloween costume.
She needed to go to the bathroom.
I pointed to where it was, not far from where we were.
She wouldn't go.
I walked her to the bathroom and said "I'll wait out here"
She still wouldn't go.
Scared the automatic flush would flush her down.
So, I waited in the teeny tiny stall with her.

Oliver had a meltdown at Costco.
All the Christmas toys were out on display.
And he wanted all of it.
Then he wanted his own berry smoothie, when I only bought one.
Then I found myself inhaling Costco cheese pizza with my boys.
I couldn't tell if I was really hungry-or just annoyed.

Then Jane,
Jane just yells and talks really loud.

I was downstairs and overheard Mr. Nielson upstairs
attending to two screaming girls in the shower.
Then he said:
"Oh girls, guess what? The devil called and said you guys were doing awesome."

I laughed and was glad the day was over.