Thursday, October 29, 2009

8 is great

I will never forget when Claire was born.
They were the most unique moments of my life.
One that I will never forget.
I am reminded each day that our sweet children are on "loan" to us from our Heavenly Father.
I am reminded becuase of Claire's dear, sensitive spirit in our home.
Claire sees the world in rich and deep color.
Her choices are thought out.
She is particular and cautious.
Claire is shy, and yet daring.
Once Claire faked a stomach ache at church during Sunday school. Her teacher brought her to me where I was teaching Sunday school. I was concerned and had her come in my class and sit in. Then Claire sat down and made a huge paper airplane which she launched.
From across the room it landed on my knee.
It was so disrupting.
I was shocked and embarrassed and she giggled.
Re-telling the story to Mr. Nielson later that day,
I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably.

That's my Claire.
That is what she does to me.

She will teach me more lessons about life than anyone.

I love you toadie!
Happy Birthday!

Also, congrats to Ms. Jones today is a special day for her too.