Monday, September 28, 2009

Where we were and what we did.

What have I been up to you ask?

Well a lot quite frankly.
Ohhhh and it did have something to do with a special celebrity...and since I can't go into much detail yet, I will just share with you the pictures of our amazing trip to the muggy mid-west and the beautiful city of Chicago.

First, Mr Nielson and I visited our favorite chubby nephew Beck.
Beck and his parents S&L live close to Chicago.
We ate delish Greek food and discussed politics
and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Oh, and how lucky we are that we are Mormon.
really lucky!

(Beck and Mr. Nielson)

Second, we went downtown Chicago to do some shopping on Michigan Avenue.
I picked up some treasures for the girls at the American Girl store.
Then Mr. Nielson took me to have authentic Chicago pizza.
Oh the crust, the crust the crust the crust!!

(i really love this guy)

Third, we ate at the restaurant 676.
I ordered the margarita flat bread.
it was very tasty.

( at 676)

Lastly, our trip wouldn't complete without visiting the Sears tower.
Unfortunately is is now renamed to the Willis tower.
I think that is dumb.
That is like renaming the Statue of Liberty to something like
"Americas real first lady"
(Oh I am so cleverly funny aren't?!)

So there you have it.

I must admit how excited I was to come home to my babies.
They were all very nervous to have us leave.
Claire wondered if I would come back.
I think the accident has made them weary of any kind of change.
Especially since we were flying.

I don't blame them.

P.S. Someone's been in the kitchen and it wasn't me!
Go here to find out.