Monday, September 28, 2009


I have a friend.
Her name is Liz.
She is very creative.
She is very beautiful.

And she is hosting a 'creative event' with some of her other very creative friends.
I suggest you take a look and sign up.
This is worth flying in for (you out of towners).

(photo credit: Jefra Linn)

The 'Spark' event will give each of you the opportunity for your Sparks To Fly... There will be amazing classes exploring creativity through photography, mixed media journal, expressive jewelry & fabric frenzy.
Here is the Spark motto, and I love it!

Spark is a creative journey...Spark is a creative lifestyle...Spark is about being a creative woman. Spark is about being inspired by other creative women...Spark is about sharing creative ideas...Spark goes way beyond paper and glue...Spark is getting in touch with your creative spirit...Spark is going to be amazing...

For more information go to here.
also today is your lucky day, Spark is giving away a free ticket today only!
Check it out!!