Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Second interview with Dad-the Mayor candidate

Voting day!
Go Dad!

I sat down with my pops tonight over dinner to ask him a few Mayoral questions.
Shall we...

Nie: Hello again Mayor-err I mean Dad!

Dad: Hello.

Nie: Can I ask you a few more questions?

Dad: You bet you can.

Nie: Today is the primary's, how could you convince a 'fence-sitter' to vote for you?

Dad: Fence-sitters tend to be "sore" because they are not willing to get off the fence and support a candidate. It is a "no-brainer" in a horse race to pick a horse that is fast but also knows the track. I have more legislative experience than all my opponents combined.
And, that doesn't consider my 35 years of business experience.

Nie: What is something you are passionate about here in the city of Provo?

Dad: I want Provo to be a model for other cities. I want Provo to enjoy low taxes because of a good economic base. I want Provo to have a "rockin" downtown where families can enjoy eating, shopping and entertainment with a diversity of BYU and UVU support. I want to protect Provo's neighborhoods, its rivers, its lakes and its Rock Canyon.
I have a vision for Provo that I have been preparing to implement for over 20 years.

Nie: As a young boy living in Provo, what was your favorite thing to do?

Dad: I love the mountains, hiking to the Y, hiking to Buckley's mine, hiking to Devil's kitchen in Rock Canyon ( I always wondered when I was going to meet the Devil there), hiking to Maple Springs through Eagle Pass. My second home in Provo was the mountains.

Nie: Last question Dad, What is your favorite season in Provo and why?

Dad: Autumn is my favorite season because of the cooling temperatures, the leaves changing, shorter days, harvest time, Halloween and Cougar Football!
Autumn is a prelude to a quiet winter sleep.

Nie: Wow dad that last sentence was very well put. Thanks for coming to dinner tonight.

Dad: My pleasure, and thank you darlin'

Now get out and VOTE because Dad needs you to!!!
...and because he has the cutest mug in town.

Hariett supports her grandfather...do you?
(photo Lindsay Clark)