Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday is a special day {its the day we get ready for Sunday}

I went down to my mom's house to borrow my dad's famous carpet cleaner last Saturday.
I think it has cleaned every single siblings carpet for one reason or another.

Lucy and Courtney were there watching the BYU game. I walked in with my grubby clothes on. They were dressed. I mean, dressed-like cute. I looked at my nerdy carpi yoga pants and then realized I didn't have a bra under my tee shirt.

"Why are you dressed like that" Lucy asked me while nursing Bets.

"It's know it's the day we get ready for Sunday" I added.

"No, its a fun day, its the day you can do whatever you want" she told me.

Then I thought about it.
But if I got dressed and didn't clean, then I would be doing something else and then kids wouldn't be able to be lazy and lay around all day watching the Disney channel. I am content cleaning on Saturday, and I am pretty sure my kids are content having a scrubby mother cleaning so they can watch 'Handy Manny'.

By the way, today I started posting on CuisineNie again!
If you looking to eat, come over and see what's cooking in my kitchen!!