Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not just the mayor

This morning as I was teaching "Claine" (jane & claire) how to scrub the tub I thought of my Dad. He taught us how to brush and scrub the bathroom until it shined.
A tool I would use forever he said.
And he was right.

I couldn’t help but think of him the rest of the day.

I thought about the time he and I rode out horses from Squaw Peak to Wallsburg where we had a cabin. We camped and talked. Just he and I.

Then I thought about the time I went on a midnight hike with my boyfriend, his best friend, his sister, and my best friend. As we wandered up the trail, I all of a sudden had a panic attack. I missed my father. I got homesick. I am really a sap. I even think I cried. I think my friends thought I was crazy.

Then I thought about the time when that same boyfriend went on a mission for 2 years. I came home from my 4 hour goodbye at his house late that night and my dad was up. I climbed in bed with him and cried. He gave advice and took me to lunch the next day so I could keep my mind off the heartbreak.

Then I thought about the time when my Dad told me about a very handsome young man who was coming into his office. And I married that very handsome young man. On our wedding day my dad gave Mr. Nielson one of his ties to wear.

Then I had a baby who came out looking just like my father. Nicholas came to the earth the spitting image of my dad. And I was delighted.

Then I thought about the time I lay in the hospital just out of my coma. My dad walked in and smiled. He came to me with sunshine and promises. He promised me that I would be home for Christmas (I was close) and he promised me that I would feel good and be at the grand parade for the 4th of July. And I did. I believed him and healed.

Now my Dad is running for mayor of Provo. He too is making promises to heal the city. And they will happen because they always do.
I know if my dad is or isn’t the mayor, he is still my father. He is still that great, honest leader who leads his children and serves those he loves.

(photo Justin Hackworth)
So, I urge those who read this to consider him for office. Please get out and vote this Tuesday, September 15