Friday, September 11, 2009

First interview with Dad-the Mayor candidate

I sat down with Provo's Mayoral candidate Steve Clark (or, I call him Dad) to ask a few unique questions about his plans for Provo when (not if) he becomes Mayor. I am going to devote my next few posts to his campaign. Maybe this will help you decide who is right for Provo. Please tell all your Provo friends and family about this very important race.
Bottom line:
My dad (Steve Clark) wants to PROTECT Provo, anyway possible. Keeping the neighborhoods, canyons, mountains, and life in Provo safe. No, seriously he does.
Lets begin:

Nie: Hi Dad!

Steve Clark: Hi darlin'

Nie: Lets get going on the questions here. What are your top unique ideas you have for Provo? (different from what other candidates have in mind.)

Steve Clark: I want to dance in the streets in downtown Provo.
I want Dave Matthews to perform in downtown Provo.
I want twinkling lights and quaint shops open in downtown Provo.
I want cozy restaurants and unique cuisine in downtown Provo.
I want clowns and court jesters and jugglers and musicians performing in downtown Provo.
I want the smells of fresh flowers and freshly baked bread in downtown Provo.
I want to be mayor of Provo!

Nie: Oh Steve, your such a joker. You know I would love DMB coming to Provo, but you know that Dave needs beer, there is not much of that in Provo. Ha! Next question, where is your favorite restaurant in Provo?

Steve Clark: I love the smothered burrito with cheese and onions at Los tres amigos topped off with a j-dawg.

Nie: Good, good. Ok, where is your favorite park in Provo?

Steve Clark: My favorite park is Pioneer Park near where I was born. I love its history as I walk its paths. The trees tell stories of what happen on that block of land. I can hear the stream of shallow clear water cooling off children. I can hear the band playing on the large elevated band stand. I can vision trading and bardering for fish, jerky and flour. By the way, is the statue a pioneer leaning on his rifle or a rebel from the civil war?

Nie: ummmm, something to think about. Last question today. Favorite place to go in Provo on a date with Cindy. (Steve's wife, aka my mother)

Steve Clark: My favorite date is dinner and a chick flick at Riverwoods then a stroll through Borders Book Store topping the night off with a chocolate donut from Crest.

See guys, he's just a regular guy.

Remember the primary is this Tuesday, September 15th.
Check out here for details.