Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Island treasures

Ever since Mr. Nielson was young his father the ‘Boss’ would pack up the family-all 11 of the children and take them on exotic road trips like to Kentucky and places like that. But anyway, they would most defiantly bring along their bikes.
We are carrying on that same tradition, and so our cruisers came with us to Whidbey.
As I rode behind Mr. Nielson on a morning ride, we packed the two boys in the bucket bike, I watched Gigs’ head bobble up and down. He had fallen fast asleep. The cool salty air put him right to dreamland. It was another beautiful sight to see along with the
sailboats and million- feet-high-pines.

The children collected shells, jellyfish (named Jack and Tom) and discovered lots of dead crab buried in the sand.

The boys play trucks on the beach-side volley courts.

My new moccasins that Mr. Nielson brought me back from the ranch.
Claire and her father enjoy the sea.

My aunt Karen has a very unique style and I love it. Her home is beautiful and so is she.
I aspire to be just like her- from her linen clothes to her beautiful white hair.
We so enjoyed her home in Whidbey Island on Mutiny Bay.
We love you!!