Friday, July 31, 2009

Incoming from Bluewater; letter from my Mr. Nielson

Hello my Dearest,
It's been a whole day since I've seen you last, and I miss you like crazy.
The children and I have been up here are good ol' Bluewater doing a bunch of Ranch stuff, like:

sleeping in and eating breakfast at 9am (4 hours after Russ aka: the boss served breakfast),
swinging on the porch swings watching Peter drive the tractor filling in Pete's Pond, and waiting for the far off storm to blow in,
building a windmill,
installing a new light in the barn,
examine each child's catch of various lizards, frogs, tadpoles, bugs, etc.,
swinging on the porch again watching Jimmy hunt lizards on the ponywall like he was defending a fort,

watching the rain come down for hours and the new windmill spin like crazy in a monsoon,
watching funny youtubes since the last time we shared our favorites,
quad rides every minute,
wondering where Ollie is and always finding him next to Jack with his wooden gun,
getting perfect form lessons on football spirals from David which leads to an hour or so conversation about the upcoming BYU season,
the lunchtime production and children's dress rehearsal for tonight's talent show,
You know how it goes up here. Everyone is happy. Everyone is asking about you and I am happy to explain all the miracles we have experienced and how good life is inspite of the hard days. I love talking to everyone about you. They all ask about what our plans are and so one by one I repeat my report on you and that makes me happy.
The kids are all tubbed and tucked in and now I will join them. Except Ollie who is sleeping next to Jack on the boy's deck.

I love you my sweet,