Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I can only dream this year.

Mr. Nielson is packing up the car and taking the children to the family Ranch in New Mexico.
Beautiful Bluewater.
I wont be joining them.
I am saving my trip to back to the ranch for when my soul is healed.
My last memory of the ranch was with Mr. Nielson and Doug. We ate chips and took an afternoon quad ride on the dusty trails.
We circled the ranch from above as I snapped photos below me in the airplane window.
And Doug was alive then.
I miss Doug and think about him a lot.
What a man he was.

So my brave Mr. Nielson is going alone. I feel sad about that. In fact my heart feels heavy, but Mom said I will be of good use here helping my Dad with his up-coming campaign.

I feel a letter coming on-

Mr. Nielson will be sending me love letters on the road...I just might post a taste of whats going on at the ranch.
Censored of course.
A man can say pretty crazy stuff while missing his wife.