Monday, June 22, 2009

Denali and mail.

My handsome brother-in-law Vance
(who I SWORE I was going to marry when I was 7) climbed Denali.
He did it.

(Vance & climber Dave on the top)
Thanks to Yvonne in Alaska and Vance, I was there in spirit.

* * * *

I am doing just fine, thank you.
I am going to be back into blogging here soon. My goal is to blog every other day until I can return my regular daily posting. Boy am I feeling good or what!
Plus, I have been super busy.
Some of my major accomplishments include:

*Opening jam jar lids (and pen lids and chap stick lids)
*Touching my toes
*Not crying in the shower

and the biggie:

*Riding my cruiser!

Blessed days!

My sincere thanks to all of you for the delightful e-mails, pretty letters of love & support, packages, OH the packages!! I only wish I could personally thank you all, I will someday. I just want you to know I love your support and prayers.
I really do.
The mailbox and my inbox are two of my favorite spots!