Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The update

{This is what is happening as I type this}
I am back safe and sound from surgery.
Again, thank you for your prayers.
A skin graft was taken from my right inner thigh and placed on my neck for more neck extension.
My mouth was also cut so I could eat, smile and talk better. Stitches...ouch.
I am a lucky girl to have such amazing doctors and nurses.
I smell bad.
I am unable to bathe right now due to my skin graft-
Yesterday Ollie put on my deodorant.
Today I dipped my feet in the water and gave myself a sponge bath. Gigs joined me. It was so--normal.
Mothers Day was a lovely one. Mr. Nielson made me six adirondack chairs. I can't decide what to paint them yet...any suggestions?
Also my biological clock left me something for Mothers Day. Something I was worried would not come back, but the possibility of more children is now possible! How appropriate for Mothers day!!
I came home from surgery with flowers, cards, letters, packages and food. It was so nice. Thank you all for your love and concern.
After a few pretty terrible days, we keep pressing forward-don't we.