Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Down to the minute

7:50 am: Mr. Nielson prepares Claire's field-trip lunch which is much different than a regular sack lunch. Field trip sack lunches are much bigger and offer junk food. Mr. Nielson and I went shopping yesterday for everything to put in the lunch. We felt like Santa. It was exciting. Among the items, cheetos, kit-kat, and a juice box.

9:45 am: The children have been trying to catch a moth that has been flying around the house for three days. No success. It reminded me of, well-me. I feel like the children and my situation the moth. I wish I could grab it and tell it to slow down. Tell it to stop being so scared and stressed and moody. But alas I can't. Something must be learned here and lots of the days I don't know what.

10:15 am: While Miss B. changed my wounds and dressed them for the day I heard in the other room our song. "Ours" being Mr. Nielson and my song. The one we used to dance to in the kitchen in front of the children. (seriously, that song...again, I plead with you to listen to the words, touching really) I overheard Mr. Nielson tell Miss B. that he used to sing me this song over and over again while in a wheelchair at my bed side. I was sleeping and he was healing. I wanted to cry. I think I did.

12:09 pm:Mother comes to pick me up for lunch and then to see my 96 year old grandfather "papa". We enjoyed the spring day at the park eating lunch until a man peed in the bushes next to us. After that catastrophe, I knew I needed a cupcake and since we were headed down that way, why-not. To my excitement, the Vanilla-squared cupcakes had been changed to the vaNIElla cupcakes. What a very happy surprise. That Megan! Also I ran into the "C" sisters from Spanish Fork who so generously bought my cupcakes. Oh Happy afternoon.

{papa and my family summer '08}
1:30 pm: Met with Papa. Oh how I love him. His old body reached for me in a grandfatherly way. He will always have a smell-one that will never change. He took my hand and held on to it during our conversation. He rubbed my fingers gently and kissed my cheek. Last year he was afraid he'd never see me again. He called my mother all the time, sent donations and prayers my way. He was worried, but now he can put that all to ease. Now that he knows I am alive.
I am alive.

5:30 pm: Nic poops on front door mat...awesome.

6:00 pm: Out of physical gas. (no pun intended)

7:30 pm: Mr. Nielson rounds up the children for dinner and dubs tonight "everything night". The kids so delighted! What they don't know is 'everything night' means every single left-over we've had and kept since Easter.

8:00 pm: Crying begins

9:00 pm: Snuggle with my girls in their beds.

10:48 pm: Say goodnight and goodbye to May 5th, 2009....Welcome May 6th!

PS Thank you Andrew & Stacy. I love you guys.