Monday, March 02, 2009

Sleeping and smiling.

Today mom and I went to the hospital. Another long physical therapy session in which I slept through. (You see, I think I have figured why I fall off to dreamland even while in pain. It is because of the anti-itch meds that make me looney/sleepy.) Today I blurted out "yeees" in my sleep and afterwards immediately tried to cover that one up. I looked up at Cindy (my PT) in a dazed glance. Then I said "Yeeesss Cindy, I really like that stretch on my thumb". (no I dont, I hate when she insists on pulling my thumb over to my wrist). I know she knows I was trying to cover it up.
I felt so stupid.
Then fell back to sleep.
On the way home I made my Mom drive me to a special grocery store for some quality "squeaky cheese". I crave that as if it was going out of style.
I love it so much!
While Mom was in the store picking up the goods, I stayed in the car, and thought about the time Mom and I went to the local dairy to pick up some odds and ends. I was six. I saw the cheese glisten in the their plastic sacks like cheddar jewels. It was my first taste of happiness (besides hostess cupcakes) back then and I was hooked-still am.
Claire loves it in her lunch.
Jane hates it.
Ollie nibbles on it here and there.
Gigs devourers it.
Mr. Nielson enjoys it now and then but not with cashews like I do.
I spoke to Ms. Jones on Sunday. It felt good. It was the first time since the accident. Ms. Jones was one of those dear friends who visited me in the hospital daily. She would read to me, tell me how my children were, and I imagine pray with me while I slept day after day.
I love you Ms. Jones...lots.
Mom and I pulled up to my driveway. Inside opera music played loudly while Mr. Nielson finished the last touches on dinner. I insisted Mom call Dad to come up and join us. We all shared a delicious meal and we all tried to make Ollie smile.
(real late nap = really grumpy child)
Finally we turned on Indiana Jones' theme song.
Then he smiled and all was well.
Now, I am going to finish my dream from this afternoon-me and my family on Whidbey Island painting shells and eating fresh salmon...what do you say Auntie Karen?