Thursday, March 26, 2009

Silhouette time.

I always make new family silhouettes every year on the first day of April. The first day of April is vastly approaching. Despite that my hands don't do much at all I can't lift my camera to create the image and my silhouette has changed. A lot.

I am really hesitant to make one for me, I know I will hate it.

Mr. Nielson is lucky, he has a good side
(if you call that lucky) only one side of his face burned and the other perfect. I think this year we will skip us. It's the children who change so much anyway. Nicholas still has a bigger head than Ollie and Ollie still has a large forehead. Jane has longer hair while Claire has chopped her locks. Life still moves on, and aren't we grateful for that?

Each day I improve more and more. I am using my hands better and my knees bend.
I cleared off the counter tonight-only because Mr. N hates wiping the counter down.
He'd do anything, anything than take a damp cloth and wipe down the table or counter.
We all pick our fights.

Today I actually picked up Gigs out of his highchair and placed him on the ground...I did it! That takes a lot of guns, which apparently I am getting. I'm still in search for some good quality junk for the trunk. No such luck...yet!!

Well, it's a weekend. I am glad. It means life slows down a bit. We will most likely eat out and watch movies.


Dear Aunt Karen,
Sorry I missed your call. Yes I would love to pack the family in the car
(I hate flying, remember) and drive to you and stay. How does August sound?

Love your niece,
Stephanie Aurora