Wednesday, March 04, 2009

No request is to extreme

I was swimming legs extending and bending without force. Freely I twisted and turned exploding through the clear waters. I was free from any pain and restrictions. I was Happy.

Then I woke up.

It was another dream. I’ve been getting those dreams lately. Dreams where I am doing things that I can’t do at the moment like once I dreamt Mr. Nielson was taking me out on a date. We danced by a glowing fire. I was wearing my simple back dress with my red heals and red accessories.

That was a pleasant dream.

Then another dream found me under an orange tree with Mr. Nielson and Doug (the sweet man who taught Mr. Nielson how to fly. He passed away in the crash.) We sat on a blanket watching airplanes take off and drank ice-cold lemonade.

Sometimes waking up is sad. I long for some of those dreams to be real.

We picked Claire up at mom’s house today. She and Claire were looking at my old scrapbook. I browsed through it long enough that a few pictures of myself made me cry.
Mom said that I would look like that again even more beautiful.

I just want to be well enough that I can cook for my family again.

Seconds after the plane crashed I found myself lying under a beautiful large tree. It’s leaves fluttered in the wind. Lying with burns over my entire body I longed to be a leaf up there twirling in the wind instead of in pain and on the ground. When residents of St. Johns AZ came to my rescue, I asked them to help me up- it was dinnertime and I needed to go home and feed my family.
I have a bedtime playlist and on it is the famous ‘When you wish upon a star’ song.
My favorite line is:
“If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme"

I can’t wait.