Sunday, March 15, 2009

My goal and orange flowers

Friday, Mr. Nielson picked me up from a grueling day at therapy. All the children were in the car with smiles on (except for Ollie who was sound asleep).

"Honey, I thought we could go to the pet store to buy Jimmy a updated tag for his collar" Mr. Nielson described while buckling me up in the car. Inside, I was so tired and hungry but the kids in the car excused all my needs. I love family drives. All the children so close together and with me under one (car) roof.
We drove to the pet store and-
I did it.
I saw the spring birds perched on their twigs in the display window. They looked so magical.
The very thought of happiness. Bright yellows, brilliant greens and blues. I was sucked in.
"Darling, lets do it, lets get two birds. They look so happy and spring-ish" I suggested spontaneously. Mr. Nielson didn't wink an eye.
"Which ones do you like"
The children all weighed in the decision, and we took home two darling birds with a house made out of green iron.
Names you ask?
The kids decided on "Cocoa" and "Sarah".
The weekend was had eating huge piles of cheese fries with fry sauce.
(please tell me you know what that is!!).
Saturday I went on my daily walk and lunch with Mom and Dad. Lunch was nachos with beans, cheese, sour cream and tons of guac. yum.
Mom took Dad and I to a nursery to find the plumpest looking pansies. While I was there, I found myself enjoying the colors and smells almost to tears. Six months ago, I lay in a hospital bed. I was sleeping while the fall colors appeared and changed. I missed them. I missed fall. I missed a lot while I lay lifeless in a hospital bed- including two children's birthdays.
Walking around the nursery on a beautiful spring afternoon was a treat that even I couldn't help but buy us a few flats of pansies and primroses in orange.
Then we gathered Jimmy and Nan (our matching dogs) and the children to start practicing for my goal.

MY GOAL: To officially hike the "Y" on my accident date, Aug 16th.

Working my way one switchback at a time until I am officially ready-hopefully by August.
We climbed up the first switchback in good time. My legs barely bent with so much scaring and tissue holding them back. I wanted to break free and begin running up the trail like I used to. This was hard emotionally and physically.
My parents and my sweet Mr. Nielson (in his white hat) cheered me on. Finally getting to the first switchback I did it! It was like heaven. Everyone smiling, everyone happy, everyone hugging.

We held hands down and the beautiful sun was gone behind the lake. Time to go home and make dinner, kids in tubs, church clothes picked out, house picked up, kisses, stories, and then goodnight. Just like the good old days.