Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feeling good.

Its been awhile since I posted. I should post more often since I've been feeling good these past couple days. By feeling good, I mean eating some good quality chocolate, spectacular Mexican food, and love e-mails from so many people. It helps.
But what really has helped has been my faith (that I am trying to muster up everyday) in my recovery process.

It is the prayers on my behalf and the solid love my family, particularly Mr. Nielson has given me everyday. I will now happily name a few reasons why I am feeling good. They are also called "second firsts" to me- like, I have been able to wipe myself (and everything that entails). Showers are becoming easier, preparing food-well, OK like pouring the milk in the cereal seems doable enough. I am definitely getting better.

This past weekend, we were invited to "5 guys burgers and fries" family/friend party. I invited my brother Andrew, his wife Megan and their children. Boy was it hopping. They just opened up in Orem. The fries were endless. A dinner dream come true. Everyone was so kind and that place is very kid-friendly, another dream come true. Andrew said the burger was "awesome". Since I don't eat meat I had to get an opinion. When you go, (because you should) ask for "Jeff".
A delightful piece of chocolate cake was shared after hours at another restaurant with Andrew and Meg while their oldest babysat the gang. (thanks chick!)

This evening, Mr. Nielson finished up our wallpaper in the entry-way. It looks fantastic. As he was working a whiny Nicholas pulled on his pant leg repeating something over and over again. I could tell my sweet husband was getting frustrated and Nicholas sensed it as well. He started crying and that's when I came in. I told the little man to follow me to the couch where he climbed up and I gently PICKED HIM UP!! Folks, did you hear that!
It was another personal wonder in my recovery book.
It is a detail in a mothers life that seems very everyday, but for me, it kept me up at night after the accident. I couldn't see myself ever being able to do that again.
He lay his head down on my bony shoulder as I walked around the house once.
(maybe twice next week?!)
After I couldn't hold the little cherub anymore, I sat down holding him. My heart nearly jumped out of my skin. I was so privately pleased with myself (and also because Nic is a very heavy kid).

I helped the girls do homework and Oliver asked me to itch his back-
I think we all need a good itchin' now and then don't you?

Spiritual Enlightenment...go here.
Everything is going to be OK. I know it.