Tuesday, March 10, 2009

chocolate cake.

I went to Salt Lake City for my gazillionth follow-up visit yesterday.
It was a good visit but all I could think about was chocolate cake. It got so bad that I imagined my doctor's head was a piece of cake.
With ice cream.
And a cherry on top.
It was weird.
So, Mr. Nielson and I became been very, very busy trying to find the best chocolate cake possible. I think we have tried at least 13 different cakes now.
Finally we found a pretty tasty chocolate confection true to my chocolate taste. Plenty of frosting with plenty of layers. This chocolate cake is only sold whole....oh darn, I guess we will have to buy the cake.
We got back late from the doctors office, so we picked up a pizza on the way home.
Mr. Nielson also bought me a beautiful bunch of colorful roses. I think he heard me hint to him a few days ago, that I never wanted to let my dining room table go a day without flowers. (my pearl colored tulips were falling apart) So this was a lovely surprise.
We came back to the homestead with a pizza, chocolate cake, and a colorful variety of roses which were promptly placed on the dining room table. The children gathered around ohh-ed and ahh-ed at the goods and dug in.
I will admit this. I am trying really hard to gain weight. You heard me, GAIN weight. I liked my weight before the crash. I have twigs for legs and my ribs stick out further than my you-know-whats. So, you see why finding the most delectable chocolate cake is important me.
Mom came over for dinner tonight.
She babied me and rubbed my face.
Mr. Nielson created a delicious dinner with cake for dessert (what else). After dinner, he rounded up the children and mom and I followed them into the living room. It was a beautiful evening looking out my large windows. Mr. Nielson read to us from the scriptures.
I rested my head on mom's shoulders.
A very familiar feeling I remember since I could remember. All is well there.
After our goodbyes, I put the boys to sleep. What a moment. How sacred it is, to place my two boys in their beds and watch their eyes drift away. I spent almost an hour downstairs feeling their little spirits so strongly.
Then I came upstairs to Mr. Nielson who was finishing up the dishes.
I finished off the unfinished cake on the plates from dessert.
I told Mr. Nielson that I loved him...a lot.
Then I asked him if he noticed any junk in my trunk.
Of course he said