Saturday, February 07, 2009

A work in progress.

I am off to surgery folks.
I will be enjoying that delish hospital food, maybe (if i get super lucky) a catheter and a lot of shots. I will miss Miss B. coming over to rub my back.
Mr. Nielson will stay at home and make sure Jimmy wont poop in the house. The kids are coming to live "full-time" with us at the end of the week. In celebration, Mr. Nielson bought the us a new beautiful up-right piano. None of us can play it. He can whip out a REM song and I know "Heart and soul" (but who doesn't). Looking for a teacher to teach us all. It was delivered to the house while I was plopped on a couch feeling extra sorry for myself.
The beautiful mahogany wood looked so memorable in the sun's rays.
And for a minute, I was happy.
I thought about good times to be had in the distance of my life.
Mr. Nielson tucked me safe and sound into bed that night. Mindy was singing softly in the background. My eyes welled up as he pulled me close to him. "This is only are a beautiful work in progress" Then he lay next to me and when he thought I was asleep, he patted me and said
"girl, I love you"
Then up got to put away the dinner dishes.