Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update and Love for Nie Day

Hey Nie fans,
it's Courtney here to thank you (once again) for your prayers on behalf of my sister and her family. The surgery went well, and Nie is recovering in good health. We hope she'll be home soon, back to physical therapy and family life. She never ceases to amaze.

Just a reminder that this Saturday is Valentines Day, or in other words, Love for Nie Day. We are celebrating the finale of Nie Recovery by switching all Nie Recovery buttons to I Read Nie buttons. We thank all of those who pitched in to support Nie Recovery. The going word around here is overwhelming. It may never catch up to us, all the love and support.
For more info please see here.

Once again, a gigantic thank you to Nie's dear friend Reachel Bagley for all of her outstanding work in raising awareness and donations for the recovery of the Nielsons. This lifetime can't contain our never-ending gratitude for what she has done, so we will extend this thanks into the hereafters.

(Also, Reachel helped me find my true body shape and the appropriate fit, color and flair for the clothes that drape my shape. Talk about a God send--visit her at Cardigan Empire.)

Lastly, on behalf of our families we want you to know that we know that God is real. We are believers in miracles, blessings and religion. Now, more than ever.

See you in Nie-land soon!