Monday, February 16, 2009

A plan

I am typing from room number 9 in the burn unit.
Surgery is over-for now anyway. My hands, arms, and neck all wrapped up from skin releases. Dee just made me her special milkshake-doing my best to GAIN pounds. I am feeling lonely in my dark room. The sun has hidden her rays. Mr. Nielson should be here soon, and then the sun will be shining again.
The nurses are so kind and gentle with me.
I smell like ketchup.
Yesterday I had a huge plate of them for lunch and dinner.
What has become of me?
I miss my children terribly. This last week has been ruff. I am ready to go home.
Mom came up and read to me. We read about wonderful and inspiring people from the scriptures and church magazines. Everyone has a story and it is being guided (if we let it) by our Heavenly Father...Wow.
We are lucky.
Prayer works.
I lost another burn friend last week. She was 18 years old and we roomed next to each other. I am happy to know life doesn't end after death. God has a plan. I am learning to follow it-burns, surgeries, heartaches, and hospital stays away from home.
Thank you for your prayers.
Anyone want to itch my back?