Thursday, February 26, 2009


Rehab today was actually quite nice. My pain today was minimal, good thing since last night I thought I was going to die.
The day was cloudy and windy-my favorite! Page came down for lunch. We caught up with one another. Page looked so pretty today. Her lips were stained with a pretty red color and her hair longer since I saw her last. Mr. Nielson made delicious Mexican cuisine for us while we chatted away.
While I lay on the table at rehab this afternoon, heat packs on my legs and neck, my thoughts carried me away to when I was little probably six or seven. It would be Sunday evening after dinner. Dessert would unfortunately no be on the menu and everyone had a serious sweet tooth itch. Dad wound round up whoever would want to go in the car 'for a little drive'. We all knew that it meant a treat was involved. Then the suburban would drive downtown to Dad's office where the kids pilled out of the car and into dad's magical cupboard. The cupboard beheld every mini-sized treat available.
We would clean it out.
Sometimes I would leave a note to Dad's secretary:

Dear Sherry,
We ate the treats in the cupboard.


P.S. next time will you buy Snickers? Thanks

My mind shifted forward eleven years later when I was the secretary at Dad's office. One of my more important jobs was buying treats for the magic cupboard.
One spring afternoon while working, a cute boy walked through the door and inquired for my Dad.
I saw stars.
I was immediately fell hard in love.
Six months later I married that cute boy.
My Mr. Nielson.
I am so glad.